ECIP C18-i3 Column

AXIFLOW - ECIP C18-i3 Column

For analytical use ECIP C18-i3 column are prepared with ultra pure silica as 99.999% with narrow particle size distribution range and ECIP C18-i3 is a perfect all-purpose column having high resolution of complex mixtures and Ideal retention.

The column has carbon load of about 17% and unique bonding technology to achieve excellent resolution, good peak symmetry and high performance. These are long life columns which deliver best results over very wide pH range.

The column comes with protective end-capping to give better peak without tailing and high durability of column. ECIP C18-i3 column are designed to increase productivity, as they offer maximum loadbility, excellent stability while maintaining superior resolution.

ECIP C18-i3 column is an ideal choice for polar compounds.

Technical Details :
Silica type Spherical
Silica Purity 99.999%
Carbon Load 17%
Surface Area 340 m2/gram
PH Range 2-8
Particle size 5µm, 10µm
Ordering Information
Part Number Phase Particle
Size (µm)
ID (mm)
ECP.i3. ECIP i3 C18 5µm 250mm 4.6mm
ECP.i3. ECIP i3 C18 5µm 150mm 4.6mm
ECP.i3. ECIP i3 C18 5µm 100mm 4.6mm
ECP.i3. ECIP i3 C18 5µm 250mm 4.0mm
ECP.i3. ECIP i3 C18 5µm 150mm 4.0mm
ECP.i3. ECIP i3 C18 5µm 100mm 4.0mm
ECIP C18-i3 Column

Applications :

ECIP C18-i3 Column

Column : ECIP C18; Dimension : 150mm x 4.6mm, 5um | Mobile Phase : ACN/H2O; 85:15 Flow Rate : 1.3ml/min | Temperatue : Ambient Detection : UV @ 254 nm