VTM Kit Red

ICMR approved
AXIBIO - Viral Transport Medium (VTM) Kit

For samples transport system for Virus, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma

Intended Use

For collection and transport of clinical specimen for recovery of viral agents.

Components of the Viral Transport Media Kit

Sr.No. Components Cat No. Composition Quantity Storage
1 Viral Transport Medium VTMR003050 Propriety 3ml 15-30°C
2 Single Sterile Nasopharyngeal Swabs - 50 Nos
3 Single Sterile Throat Swab - 50 Nos

Product Summary and Explanation

A Viral Transport kit is intended for the collection and transport of clinical specimens containing viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasmas or urea plasmas from the collection site to the testing laboratory. It is ready-to-use transport swab kit, designed to maintain viral viability and transport viruses in active form for isolation. The unique design of the swab ensures optimal elution of the specimen into the transport medium.

The kit comprises of one sterile throat swab, one nasopharyngeal swab and a tube of Viral Transport Medium The viral transport medium contains essential buffers and antibiotics required for maintaining the viability of the viruses during transport. The medium is also recommended by CDC and WHO for collection and transport of Coronavirus.

The Nylon/Polyester Flocked Swab contains short perpendicular nylon fiber strands attached to flexible molded plastic that results in efficient collection and release of particular matter. The flocked specimen yields more sample which helps to maximizes sensitivity of cell culture and molecular technique assay. Flexible plastic shaft delivers better patient comfort. Each swab has a molded breakpoint which allows the swab to be broken in to the tube.


The viral transport medium consists of Hanks Balanced Salt Solution modified and enriched with bovine serum albumin, amino acid, gelatin peptone and carbohydrate. The pH is adjusted with buffer. Phenol red is used as a pH indicator. Vancomycin, amphotericin B and colistin have been added to the medium to inhibit the proliferation of competing bacteria and yeasts. The medium is isotonic and lacks toxicity to the mammalian host cells.

contact with the transport medium. To maintain optimum viability, samples should be taken to the laboratory as soon as possible. Better recovery is obtained if samples are refrigerated at 2°C to 8°C or held with ice pack after collection and during transport. If there is going to be a long delay before the samples are processed, the samples should be frozen at -70°C or lower temperature and transported in dry ice.

Instruction for use :
1 Open the packaging of the individually-packed swab and take out the swab. Collect the sample with swab from the intended part of the body.
2 Place the swab into virus specimen tube all the way to the bottom of the tube.
3 Cut the plastic shaft to fit swab in the tube.
4 Tighten the cap, shake it several times and complete the sampling.
Procedure :
1 Open the pouch to remove the swab.
2 Specimen can be collected with the swab in the following manner:
For Nasopharyngeal specimen :
(a) Insert a small, soft-tipped swab into the nostrils and back to the nasopharynx.
(b) Twirl it a few times until it is covered in secretion. This may be a little uncomfortable but should not be painful.
(c) Transfer the swab into tube, label the samples and transport as specified.

For Throat specimen

A throat specimen is a commonly tested to diagnose infections in the throat. These infections can include strep throat, pneumonia, tonsillitis, whooping cough, meningitis, etc.

(a) Ask patient to open his/her mouth. Insert the swab to the back of throat near the tonsils thoroughly.
(b) Post sample collection, Break the swab near the break point and insert into the tube containing viral transport medium and close the cap tightly.
(c) Label the sample correctly with name of patient, time and date of collection.
(d) Transport the samples immediately to the laboratory for processing.


After collection, the specimen should be transported to the laboratory within 72 hours with recommended storage temperature of 2-8 degree Celsius. If the delivery and processing exceed 72 hours, specimen should be transported in dry ice and

Key Features :
Internal conical shaped tube The internal part of the tube is in a conical shape, but thanks to an outer skirt the tube is able to stand without the need of tube racks.
Glass beads in each tube Assist the release of sample from the swab and mixing prior to analysis when used with a vortex mixer.
Quality Control
Appearance Phenol Red solution.
pH at 25° 7.4 ± 0.2
Osmolality in mOsm/Kg H2O 500mOsm - 600mOsm
Sterility No bacterial or fungal growth was observed after 14 days of incubation.

Collection of Samples

Samples for research on viruses, chlamydia, mycoplasmas or urea plasmas should be collected and handled following the reference manuals and guidelines. Probability of successful isolation is increased if the sample is processed immediately after collection. Therefore, once the collection of a sample is done, it should immediately be placed in the transport bottle where it comes in once in laboratory frozen at -70 degree Celsius or colder. The specimen should avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

Precautions and Disclaimer :
(a) For transport of specimen only. Not to be taken internally.
(b) For in-vitro diagnostic use.
(c) The medium is not intended for therapeutic use.
(d) Do not use if a visible precipitate is observed in the medium.
(e) Use of Viral Transport Medium does not guarantee the successful outcome of testing.
(f) Do not use Viral Transport Medium beyond the expiration date indicated on the product label.
(g) User must ensure suitability of the product(s) in their application prior to use.
(h) Products conform solely to the information contained in this kit insert. The information contained in this kit insert is based on our research and development work and is to the best of our knowledge true and accurate.
(i) Products are not intended for animal diagnostic or therapeutic use but for laboratory, research or further manufacturing use only, unless otherwise specified. Statements contained herein should not be considered as a warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, and no liability is accepted for infringement of any patents.


AxiBio Viral Transport Medium should be used within 12 months of manufacturing. Please use before the expiry date mentioned on the product label.

VTM Kit Red