AXIVA - Whole Blood Separation Pads (Plasma Separation Pads)

AXIFLOW Whole Blood Separator: Fast and high quality plasma separation
AXIFLOW Whole blood separator removes Red Blood Cells (RBC) to give free plasma so that analytes of interest may be detected directly from blood samples without need of centrifugation or clotting to get serum.
AXIFLOW Whole blood separator is treated in house and we coat with our proprietary chemistry to get high quality and increase plasma yield for better sensitivity in test results.

Special Features of AXIFLOW Blood Separator :

• Fast blood absorption: testing procedure quicker
• High quality plasma recovery: AXIFLOW blood separator stop RBC while allowing free plasma to migrate across the membrane with buffer.
• Consistent blood absorption: No interference of Red blood cell.
• Most blood separation systems rely on differential migration speed of RBC and plasma in a matrix and when blood with high haematocrit is applied, the RBC leak pass the separator onto the membrane. AXIFLOW blood separator immobilise RBC where blood is applied and RBC do not
• pass the separator even with excess applied blood with high haematocrit
• High blood volume loading: Plasma yield increased for better sensitivity in test results

Generally 20 to 35 ul of blood sample is required for plasma separation.

Technical Specifications
Type Composition Thickness Blood Holding Capacity for 3–4 X 15mm Hemolysis BApplication
AWBS1 (320-440 µm) Glass fibre 320 – 440 µm 5 to 10 µl No visible hemolysis Dengue Antibody, Leptospira
AWBS2 (550 – 650 µm) Glass fibre 550 – 650 µm 10 to 20 µl No visible hemolysis HCV, HIV, Dengue NS1,Syphillis,Chickenguinea
AWBS3 (1050 -1150µm) Glass fibre 1050 – 1150 µm 50 to 100 µl No visible hemolysis Dengue NS1, HbsAg, PSA (Prostrate specific antigen)


Ordering Information
Type Format Quantity
AWBS1 (320-440 µm) Sheet, strips/Roll Number/Meter
AWBS1 (550-650 µm) Sheet, strips/Roll Number/Meter
AWBS1 (1050-1150 µm) Sheet, strips/Roll Number/Meter


Cover tapes are required for dipsticks to maintain good contact between the membrane, the sample pad, and the sink pad. These also prevent evaporation of samples when running besides offering mechanical strength to the delicate test components.
Axiva cover tapes use special adhesives which are nonreactive and non-migrating, and therefore do not inter fere with the nitrocellulose membrane.

Label Specifications
Sr. No. Parameter Specification
1 Dimension As per artwork
2 Colour As per artwork
3 Label UP across 1 UP / 2 UP / 4 UP
4 Form Roll form / sheet form
6 Adhesive type Teckified Acrylic
7 Tensile strength 20 N / CM
8 Adhesion ( Intial ) 5.7 N / CM
9 Adhesion ( After 14 days ) 9.4 N / CM
9 Adhesion ( After 14 days ) 9.4 N / CM
10 Core size ID 76 mm + 2 mm
11 1 Roll 500 mtr
12 Max Joints per roll 2 Joints


1.Masking Tape : These are used on the absorbent pad ,conjugate pad and sample pad sides of the test strip.

Product Name LABEL AIROMARK 18MMx300 MM
Catalog Number AXLLB001

These are used on conjugate pad, sample pad and membrane .

Product Name LABEL Syphillis 36MMx300 MM
Catalog Number AXLB002

These are used on absorbent pad

2. Clear Tape : Clear transparent tapes cover the NC membrane. These are required specially to reduce the effec t of sample evaporation when serum tests are run in hot weather
The Clear Tape is available, both, in strip as well as roll format.

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